Alert: Contact Tracing Scam

People might call you claiming to be a contact tracer. You need to be vigilant and prepared to know the difference between scammers and legitimate tracers.

  • Legitimate contact tracers will only ask where you may have visited recently and who you may have come in contact with. They will never ask for money, your immigration status, your Social Security number or your personal financial information.
  • If you receive a call and are unsure about the legitimacy of the caller, call the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health COVID-19 Contact Tracing Call Center at 833-540-0473 to confirm that the person who contacted you is authorized by the public health department.
  • To learn more about the Los Angeles County Public Health Department’s efforts, visit their website.
  • For additional information about California’s contact tracing efforts, visit the state’s website.

Message Courtesy of Patrick O’Donnell
Assemblymember, 70th Assembly District

Contact Tracing Scam