Artful Storytelling Program at Rancho Los Cerritos

As pandemic restrictions wane, RLC is providing innovative enrichment programming once again, for young learners who attend after-school childcare programs in Long Beach. We launched the five-week of storytelling workshops at Chavez, Longfellow, Stevenson, and Willard in mid-February, and we plan to serve 12-16 more sites before the end of the school year. This free educational program is designed to engage third-grade students in storytelling through activities and games, as they explore storytelling, storyboarding, and the value of voice and gestures. Participants will soon be telling stories about former RLC residents, including Miguel Murillo, Concepción Coronado, and Manuel Liera, as well as stories featuring their own family, friends, and personal experiences!

Artful Storytelling Adventure participants and their families will also be invited to the upcoming Artful Storytelling Days at RLC on Saturdays, March 25, May 6, & June 10, 10am to noon. Each of the Saturday programs will take place on site and is also open to the public. Please contact Education Director Meighan Maguire ( for more information about this exciting new educational outreach initiative, or to learn how to bring it to your children’s after-school childcare program.