Congratulations to the 2021 CA/HI NAACP State Conference National ACT-SO Branch Winners!

The National NAACP ACT-SO Virtual Competition was held, July 7 to July 11, 2021. The two winning branches were Altadena and Beverly Hills/Hollywood. Altadena won 3 medals, a Gold in Sculpture and Silver in Music Composition and Filmmaking. Beverly Hills/Hollywood Branch won 3 medals, a Gold in Instrumental Classical, a Silver in Vocal Contemporary and a Bronze in Filmmaking. The Chair of Beverly Hills Hollywood is Joyce Clark, and the President is Ron Hasson. Altadena’s Chair and President is Wilberta Richardson. We congratulate them!

Please applaud Pasadena, Riverside, Sacramento, and North San Diego. The Pasadena Branch Chair is Marilyn Mays, and the President is Allen Edson. The Riverside Branch Chair is Sharron Lewis, and the President is Dr. Regina Patton Stell. The SacramentoBranch Chair is Tijuana Barnes, and the President is Betty Williams. The North San Diego Branch Chair is Rachel Carmichael, and the President is Satia Austin. They are also winners because they stay in the program and devote many hours to our youth. They have been amazing during this difficult time.

CA/HI NAACP Family, your efforts and continuous support make our ACT-SO Program work and grow stronger. As the California/Hawaii State Conference ACT-SO Chair, I commend all for their efforts. We will continue under the leadership of our StateConference President Rick Calendar and direction and guidance from the National. ACT-SO is an excellent program that develops talented youth and drum-majors for peace and justice.

Best regards, Congratulations & Thank you,

Naomi G. Rainey-Pierson Erdmann

CA/HI NAACP State Conf. ACT-SO Program Chair