Long Beach Branch NAACP 2021 Women and Mothers of the Year

Each year, Long Beach Branch NAACP honors mothers and women of the year. These women are inspiring, phenomenal, and unique. They make our world better and improve our community. These incredible women are strong, supportive, protective, and loving. Their qualities include being mentors and role models for many people, not only family. We are privileged to have these women as part of our community. The Long Beach Branch NAACP is extremely proud of them.

These women and mothers are:

Dr. Phyllis Hayes Reams: Medical doctor & minister

Dr. Janice Filer: College professor & retired educator

Michele Anderson, Esq.: Attorney for City of Los Angeles

Atira Rodriguez: Account Executive for Long Beach Post

Winnie Carter: Retired civilian secretary for the Pentagon during WWII

Myrna Wigod: Retired educator & humanitarian

Suzie Price esq.: Long Beach City Council Woman

Dr. Jill Baker: LBUSD Superintendent

Marsha Chapman: Religious service & community servant

Reena Hajat Carroll: Executive Director of CCEJ of Long Beach

Myesha Chaney: First Lady Antioch Church of LB & musician

Natalie Lagunas, Esq.: Lawyer, Keesal Young and Logan

Gwen Matthews: Retired administrator LBUSD

Coreen Correa: Nurse, Dignity St. Mary’s Hospital, Long Beach

Annette Kashiwabara: Executive Director, Assistance League of Long Beach