Long Beach Branch NAACP 2022 Black History Month Youth & College Scholars

First Place is $200: Megan Lane - Poly High School Senior

Megan Lane

My name is Megan Lane and I am extremely honored to be considered for the NAACP’s Black Student Scholarship. Over the last four years in public school (attending Poly High School), I have dedicated my heart to educating myself and others about the systematic disparities experienced by Black students in the American education system due to redlining, systemic student tracking, disciplinary discrimination, and the school-to-prison pipeline. Through my three-year internship with Californians for Justice, I challenged myself to discover who I am and what I am passionate about. The result of working with Californians for Justice is that I am clear that my personal passion and commitment are to improve educational advancement and success for Black students.Within my internship with Californians for Justice, I was able to engage in over 500 community service hours. Along with my investment in the community, I was able to acquire amazing change-making opportunities with the Long Beach School District, such as becoming a co-chair for the LBUSD Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee, and a student delegate for the California Association of Student Councils.

Second place is $150: Joyce Le - CSULB Marketing Senior & LB NAACP Intern & Scholar

Joyce Lee

I am currently a Senior at Cal State University Long Beach working towards my Bachelors in Marketing. I chose this major as I wanted to find a balance between my creativity and interests in business — I believe marketing allows me to explore both sides, and I hope to find work within the Marketing field when I graduate. As a person of color, I was always interested in the topic of social justice. From a young age, I believed strongly in inclusion and equity — to have all colors have a voice and be represented in equal measures. Although we have made strides in terms of social justice, I know that there is still a lot of work to be done. As such, I wanted to find ways to get involved and further advocate for social equity. Most recently, I had the honor of being able to join Long Beach Branch NAACP as an administrative intern. During my time, I have been able to assist President Naomi Rainey with projects and advocate the NAACP’s mission of fairness and inclusivity. By assisting the NAACP, I feel that my time as an intern has not only provided me with valuable skills, but also allowed me to help the people of color in our community. The firsthand knowledge I’ve gained by interning, studying, and interacting face-to-face with people of all colors gives me the confidence to believe I can a difference. The tangible skills that I’ve learned has only strengthened my resolve to continue my passion and work for social justice.

Third Place is $100: Sylvia Lee - CSULB Communication Studies Senior, Former LB Branch NAACP Scholar & Intern

Sylvia Lee
I am a Senior at California State University, Long Beach, and will be graduating in May 2022, with a bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies and a minor in Psychology. After graduating, I will be attending law school where I intend to study civil rights law and family law. I started my involvement in social justice during my time at CSULB. First, I worked with at-risk youths in an after school enrichment program in order to provide elementary school children with educational support and guidance as well as exposure to other enrichment activities. Additionally, I was a performer in a social justice troupe that spread awareness on issues such as sexual assault, stalking, and racism. Most recently, I was an intern and administrative assistant at the LB Branch NAACP where I had the privilege to be part of an organization that provided opportunities for the underserved people of Long Beach. The NAACP’s mission to create more equity in our communities and stand for racial justice has left a deep impact on me as I move forward. I will continue to embody these values as a social justice advocate for the rest of my personal, academic, and professional life.

Honorable Mention is $50 Gift Card: Vedant Sinha - CSULB Political Science Major

Vdant Sinha
I was born and raised in California and have spent most of my life in Cerritos, California. I am currently studying at California State University Long Beach, and I am planning to get my degree in political science. My favorite class I have taken here is one of my upper division major courses which specifically discusses how urban planning intersects with social justice issues. I am excited to start volunteering with the LB Branch NAACP and to further accomplish the goals of the organization. I originally learned about the NAACP from history class and understanding their impact on the civil rights movement, and as I progressed through college, I realized how important organizations such as the NAACP are to bringing relief to communities and groups that are underserved. Furthermore, the NAACP needs people to be able to enact its goals and I am excited to join the team at the Long Beach Branch NAACP. Moreover, I am happy and honored to be accepted in the prestigious LB Branch NAACP Internship and Scholarship Program. This program provides me the opportunity to have an impact on my community and allows me to work on local issues.