Long Beach Branch NAACP Intern Sylvia Lee

Intern Sylvia LeeSylvia Lee is a third-year Communication Studies student at California State University, Long Beach, and has recently been accepted as a second semester Long Beach Branch NAACP intern. Her areas of assignment are communications and social media, and she will be the intern assigned to the newly elected executive committee and legal redress of the branch. With a background working through performance interactive theatre and aiding at risk youths in their education, Sylvia resonates with the values of this organization. Namely, the promotion of empowering individuals through ending race-based discrimination and the further facets of inequity it engenders. She has extremely high technical skills and will implement and utilize these programs with the NAACP, especially the Model United Nations Club for the youth committee. She is dedicated and excited to be part of the incredible civil rights work done by the Long Beach Branch NAACP. Sylvia is proud that she was accepted as a Long Beach Branch NAACP College Internships because the internships are highly sought after.. 

She is also excited to work under the long term President Naomi Rainey, an educator, businesswoman, and alumni of California State University, Long Beach, and University of California, Irvine.