Long Beach Branch STEM Honoree Sam Nguyen

Sam NguyenSam received the first Long Beach Branch NAACP Rising Star Award for his work in cancer research at the University of Washington in Seattle.  He is now a fourth-year Ph. D candidate in Molecular Engineering. In his research, Sam is using imaging techniques powered by AI to study how blood cancer (leukemia) arises from cancer stem cells. He is also investigating the regulation behind the development of our immune system.Sam went to CSULB for his undergraduate in biochemistry and graduated with Summa Cum Laude. Here, Sam worked on synthesizing a protein-based study material that can filter toxic heavy metals from waste water.

He has presented his work at numerous scientific conferences including Single Cell Keystone Symposium, The CSU Annual Biotechnology Symposium and The Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design Conference. He also spent a summer at Caltech working on optimizing metabolic pathways that produce potential anti-bacterial and anti-cancer compounds. Sam is honored to be a part of the NAACP and is grateful for its help in providing him the opportunity for him to meet with Dr. Robert Nagourney, a renowned leader in cancer therapeutics and research.