Member Highlights: The Correa Family

The Correa family are long-time active members of the Long Beach Branch NAACP. The Correa family includes parents Jude and Coreen, and their three daughters Amber, Ann Marie, and Sarah. Coreen and Jude set an example for their children.

During the week Coreen works as a nurse practitioner with women at risk, many of whom have COVID-19. On the weekends she volunteers as a nurse practitioner administering COVID-19 vaccines for the Long Beach Medical Reserve. In addition, she also volunteers much of her time to the Long Beach Branch NAACP.

Amber CorreaAmber Correa has been a member of NAACP since 4th grade. NAACP has been instrumental in her self-identity and empowerment as a mixed-race youth. She is forever grateful to Naomi Rainey and the NAACP for her guidance. President Rainey continues to serve as a role model and inspiration. She is in her second year as a violin performance major at the Cleveland Institute of Music. She is also earning a double minor in French and Business from Case Western Reserve University. Amber was working as a tutor for the underserved youth in Cleveland, Ohio but due to COVID-19 this program has been temporarily suspended.

Ann Marie CorreaAnn Marie has been a member of the NAACP for over 7 years. The NAACP and her participation in the LB NAACP Law Day Project have been formative in her current long-term goals of pursuing a master’s degree to be involved in legislative changes to promote the health of communities in need. She graduated with honors from San Diego State University with her Bachelor of Nursing degree and is actively applying to graduate schools. Ann Marie currently works as a trauma nurse at Hillcrest UCSD Hospital.

Sarah CorreaSarah C Garic has been an active member of the NAACP for 9 years, participating in the Holiday Toy Drive in conjunction with Spark of Love and marching in the MLK parades to represent Long Beach Branch NAACP. Sarah is now married and met her husband while obtaining her master’s degree on scholarship from IFP, France. She is finishing her job as an analytics engineer for Exon and plans to utilize her skills in advocacy and public policy. Sarah is an active member of the Women’s Empowerment Group and Interfaith Ministries of Houston where she helps Syrian women and refugees start a new chapter of their lives in Houston.