Still Waters Run Deep: LBWD’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future

The planet and the city face a great challenge: climate change and the impact it will have on statewide and local water resources, and communities who may face greater burdens due to the impacts of climate change.

Long Beach Water spends a lot of its resources working to address this challenge while remaining focused on equity. Founded on a commitment to health and quality of life for all, the Department is dedicated to inventive thinking, technical expertise, smart infrastructure investments, and diverse solutions that provide safe, affordable drinking water and water efficiency programs for their community.

The Long Beach Water Resources Plan provides an adaptive management strategy to ensure Long Beach will have a reliable supply of water in the future. This includes prioritizing the most viable and cost-effective water supply projects, including maximizing sustainable production of local groundwater and increasing recycled water for industrial uses and more.

Everyone shares a mutual responsibility for sustainable living and keeping the water-wise Long Beach lifestyles strong. Long Beach Water is committed to working together to foster resiliency and develop sustainable habits to protect this valuable resource for generations to come.

In the future, as in the past, water changes everything!

About Long Beach Water Department

Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) delivers high quality and safe drinking water to the city of Long Beach and manages wastewater collection in an environmentally responsible manner while continually providing exceptional customer service.

As a recognized leader in water use efficiency and innovation, LBWD contributes to creating a sustainable community, develops collaborative partnerships, and fosters a quality workforce.

Long Beach Water is governed by an independent 5-member Board of Water Commissioners.

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