Women Leaders in Law Enforcement 2022

The purpose of the Women Leaders in Law Enforcement (WLLE) Training Symposium, is to bring together law enforcement professionals in a supportive and empowering environment, enabling us all to learn from the knowledge and experience of others, regardless of gender. For the WLLE 2022 conference, we followed 10 inspiring women, each of them at different stages of their career, working a variety of assignments, demonstrating for their community how to live out this year’s theme of “The Challenge of Change.”

We would like the thank all of the participants, without whom this video would not have been possible: Patrol Officer Tasha Sobol of the Ventura County Harbor Patrol, Officer Brooke Phipps and Sergeant Kacey Costa of the Anaheim Police Department, Sergeant Bridgette Peterson and Sergeant Norma Kirkpatrick of the Los Angeles Police Department, Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor Shannon Popovich of the Santa Monica Office of Emergency Management, Captain Robin Johnson, CVIS Gina Windom and CVIS Rosa Martinez of the California Highway Patrol.